Tis’ the season to scrub your body!

Your body loves you, love it back. – Anonymous

Winter can be fun because the holidays are approaching. It’s time to get all your family together and enjoy all that winter has to offer, but it can also mean dry skin for others. The cold weather can be harsh for our face and body so I’ve decided to dedicate this month to keeping our face and body hydrated and glowing.

I am a huge product junky and will try any and everything that will keep my skin looking and feeling great. Lately I have been dealing with a bit of cellulite and some dry patches, so why not make a body scrub that can combat both of my problems. Let’s make our own coffee body scrub! A coffee scrub has amazing benefits. The caffeine in coffee can temporarily reduce cellulite, improves circulation, exfoliates your skin, and the antioxidant helps to increase collagen. Those are only a few of the many ways a coffee scrub can help your skin. All you need is a few easy things that can be found in almost every kitchen; some coffee, of course, brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil.

D6CECDA3-4E0D-45C6-B2E6-CCFD4669FCEE.jpegCoffee Scrub
½ cup of ground coffee
½ cup of Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
¼ cup of natural Coconut oil

The coconut oil will leave you moisturized, the sugar will work as a gentle exfoliate to free you of some dead skin, the coffee (rich in caffeine) will leave your skin feeling smoother and tighter, and the cinnamon, not only does it smells like a cinnamon latte, but it will clear your skin of any bacteria and helps with blood circulation to smooth out any wrinkles/lines. I could not wait to make this all natural scrub! Let’s end this year having the best skin ever!



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