Love is in the air!

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.- Aubrey Hepburn


            As we come to the end of January and Valentine’s Day is approaching it is time to pull out our most romantic ideas. For some this may come easy but for others you may be lost as to what on earth to do for your partner. Well I’m here to give you some of tips for a romantic, cheap, and thoughtful Valentine’s Day.

  1. Love Book
This is easy, unique and has a personal touch that your significant other would love. Love Book makes creating your own book so easy you can  create your own characters, book cover and personalize pages to tell your own love story. Now you don’t; have to buy a book you can always make a hand made one and fill it with date ideas or coupons these can be redeemable whenever it is the thought and effort put into this gift idea that makes it special.

        2.    14 Days of Valentine’s     

This one is a lot more work but will have your partner feeling like the luckiest person in the world. For this you give 14 small or big (depending on your budget) gifts for the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can give 13 small gifts and end with a big one. It is really on how much you want to spend. Now these gifts do not have to be expensive at all. They can be small candy, personal things you know they will like, or even just picking up their coffee in the morning. The little touches that will make this seem like a luxurious gift is by adding a little note to each item and taking the time to hide them in different places every day.

 Processed with VSCO with nc preset

        3.    Date Night    

Who doesn’t love a date night? Keeping along with the theme of personal and well thought out gifts a at home date night is always a hit! To achieve the romantic feel to your date night the element of surprise is a must! Now a date night does not have to be the traditional dinner.  It can be a rose petal filled bath with a bottle of champagne and your own personal play list. It can also be a movie night in fort you built with some candles  placed along the fort. There  is endless possibilities to a well thought out romantic date night.
Dating can be as fun and exciting as you make it I know sometimes we all get into the routine of life but the small things are always loved and needed. So love bugs I hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day and let me know how your special day went. Until next time….,


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